This Page is dedicated to our Contributors.  Those people whose financial or gift generosity has made Yu Solve possible.   It is impossible to truly list everyone whose lives have touched this project, but this is our way of thanking those whose physical contribution allowed the efforts of our cast and crew to come to fruition.  So thank you to everyone listed here, and to all of those whose support, ideas and insights created Yu Solve.

Dexter Adriano,  Airsoft N More   Brian Bendele , JJ Bunnett,  Linda Burzynski,   Carole Dean,   Elizabeth, John, Caroline, Gibbes & Shannon DeLoache,  Kelly Dunn,   Deidra Edwards,   Bob & Paulette Ernstoff,  Ken Gasque, Blanche Gibbes,   Caroline & Pete Heller,   Cinda Jackson,   Glenna Jennings,   Group 22,   Jane Alan Kapp,   Lloyd Kapp,   Jill, Shorty, Z, & Lloyd  Kapp Jr.,      Ryan Kavanaugh,   Neel Keenan,   Wes Kelley,   David Kitchens,   Alexandra Kreiss,    Sally Lok,   Luxnova,     Michael Malone,    Linda McNamara,   Matthew Melton,    Jay & Leigh Nunn,    Shaun O’Steen,    Outback Films,   Pattie Lee Pierce,      Malak Quota,     Cesar Ramos,     James Rankin,   Rebecca,   Karen Sharp,    Jay B. Spalding,    Tim Thelan,   Allison & Kirk Thompson,    Luis Lerma Tostado,    US Jesco, Sasha Van Duyn,   Why Cook?,   Kit & Leila Williams

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