Missing Person’s Unit (MPU)

Detective Agatha Yu

She is a walking contradiction.  With blond hair, one green eye, one blue eye, Yu has a passion for Chinese attire and culture.  Born in Hong Kong but relocated to Texas at fourteen, Yu has a fear of guns and a deep sense of displacement.  When she was six, her mother dropped her off at school one morning and was never seen again. She now works for the Missing Person’s Unit with her partner,  Anthony Kazantzakis.

Sergeant Anthony Kazantzakis

He is antagonistically charming with a penchant for gambling, which might have just caught up with him.  Kaz is an elusive man who plays it close to the vest.  He’s an expert in examining the evidence, and reading the story it has to tell. He dropped off the grid for two days while investigating the disappearance of Casey Williams.


Captain Gabriel Thomas

He is the politically savvy head of the MPU.  Thomas’ easy going demeanor can be deceptive.  He is tough when needed, but gives his detectives enough room to maneuver, and he’s got their back when they get themselves into trouble.  Thomas started the Special Circumstances Division of the MPU.  These are especially sensitive cases involving high profile or potentially high profile individuals or groups, government officials or strange and abnormal circumstances.  Kaz and Yu primarily work these types of cases.



 Detective Lars Welch

He is a scrappy and arrogant homicide detective.  Welch takes over when the life of the missing reaches a dead end.  Constantly saying things he shouldn’t, he lives just this side of burn out. Welch and Yu were once involved, and  he is the detective in charge of Kaz’s case

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  1. anonymous says:

    Det. Yu is freaking me out with her multi colored eyes. Is she a Chinese demon detective?

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