The Yu Crew




Marq Lee Executive Producer/ Cinematographer

Alex D'Lerma Executive Producer / Director








Executive Produced by Mason Alexander, Alex D’Lerma, Marq Lee   –   Directed by Alex D’Lerma  -  Cinematography by Marq Lee  -  Created by Mason Alexander   –   Developed by Alex D’Lerma  - Produced by Lyvia Bydlowski - Co-Produced by Nayoung Ahn  -  Guest Directors: Dexter Adriano (Ep. 3A), Belti Rivera (Ep. 4A)  -  Guest Cinematographer: Yohei Tateishi  -  Production Designer Mica Rausch  -  Theme Music by Christopher Wong  -  Titles by Shaun O’Steen, Sally Lok  -  Edited by Alex D’Lerma, Dexter Adriano, Belti Rivera  -  Crew: Linda Burzynski, David Kitchens, Ileah Miezwa, David Shackleford, Sharmaine Starks, Jacob Tudela, Malak Quota

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