Watch from the Beginning:

Click to Watch Episode 1: Prologue

¬†Detective Kazantzakis dropped off the grid two days ago without a word….


Click to Watch Episode 2: Evidence

Kaz and Yu investigate the evidence found at the house of the missing, Toni  Atkins.

Click to Watch Episode 3

The interrogations begin as Yu interviews Toni’s volatile fiance, Dan Owens.


Click to Watch Episode 4

Yu plays the confidant with Toni’s overly involved neighbor, Mrs. Pryor

Click to Watch Episode 5

Councilman Costello and Yu play a game of political chess with both of their careers at stake.


Click to Watch Episode 6

The search intensifies with the interrogation of the Councilman’s wife, Pristine, and the seemingly perfect political life begins to unravel.


Click to Watch Episode 7

Yu becomes trapped in a dangerous situation and is forced to make the ultimate choice.

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